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Why Calsoft Labs

Engineering excellence, customer satisfaction and ethical practices are the core guiding values that drive Calsoft Labs in all of our customer interactions. Customers choose to work with us for the following reasons:

Product Engineering Focus

Calsoft Labs is focused on product engineering only, and does not do product engineering "also". The engineering DNA of the company is reflected in our people, processes and methodologies, skill development plans and strategic investments.

Processes tailored for Product Engineering workflows

Over the last two decades, Calsoft Labs has developed custom processes and methodologies to address product engineering tasks. This includes agile models for product development and testing, in addition to more traditional methods.

Experienced workforce

Calsoft Labs has a highly experienced multi-skilled engineering workforce with an average work experience of 5+ years with 27% of the engineering team holding Masters Degrees. We bring greater domain experience and higher productivity to customer engagements.

Scale, Profitability and Agility

As the product engineering arm of ALTEN, a leader in Engineering & Technology Consulting services, Calsoft Labs is a stable, long term partner for customers, with the agility of a mid-size engineering services company.

Flexible Business Models

Calsoft Labs offers a choice of engagement options to suit the varied needs of our customers across the product lifecycle. We work with small startups and large established organizations with business models tailored to meet partnership objectives.