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Work @ Calsoft Labs

At Calsoft Labs, our core values define how we interact with each other and with our customers. We believe in the elegance of simplicity. Our processes are transparent and straightforward. Our continuous endeavor is to steadfastly hold on to these intrinsic characteristics as we grow.

Business today, is fast paced and demands the best in terms of ability, time and attention. Sustaining high performance can be a daunting task if the individual is not well equipped, and if the environment is not conducive. In such circumstances work dictates our lives and not the other way.

At Calsoft Labs, our employees "manage" their work. Sounds interesting? Read on.

Do you know what makes us different and perhaps unique? Our DNA! Built on the core values, our DNA exemplifies three vital aspects that any vibrant mind looks forward to - Growth, Enjoyment and Learning. We are continuously striving to make our work atmosphere joyful, where the employee learns something new and different every day and that which offers several avenues to grow and blossom. At Calsoft Labs, employees at all levels GEL continuously.

How do we GEL?

GEL is translated into action through an array of small and simple but effective initiatives, which have generated an amazing level of creativity and positive energy within the company. more