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B2B Integration Services

Organizations are faced with complex B2B integration challenges across diverse partner communities. The success of your organization relies in simplifying and streamlining the B2B platform and supply chain management processes that drive your business.

IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator solution is designed to support high volume electronic message exchange, based on your business processes. Its key features include complex routing, translation, and agility to easily interact with multiple internal systems and external trading partners

Products Supported:

B2B Integration

  • IBM® Sterling Gentran
  • IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator

Managed File Transfer

  • IBM® Sterling Connect: Direct
  • IBM® Sterling File Gateway
  • IBM® Sterling Control Center
  • IBM® Sterling Secure Proxy

Typical Challenges faced in B2B Integration:

  • Limited EDI expertise and bandwidth due to budgetary constraints and not being your core functional area
  • Blocking EDI and business resources at your organization and that of your trading partners for rework or fixing missing transactions
  • Challenges in integrating with existing business systems and new systems being adopted on an ongoing basis
  • Lack of scalability to support additional trading partners and high volumes of data
  • Lack of data integrity due to inadequate validations resulting in faulty or missing EDI transactions
  • Cumbersome trading partner onboarding processes
  • Incomplete workflow processes resulting in high manual intervention for processing EDI transactions

How Calsoft Labs can help

Calsoft Labs works with organizations to develop business cases to benefit from all the features and capabilities of IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator, adapters, and add-ons. We assist organizations to automate, integrate and manage its entire B2B processes and systems with their suppliers, partners, and customers using IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator.

Our offerings include:

  • Consulting and B2B Integration Roadmap
  • B2B Solution Implementation
  • Trading Partner Onboarding and Community Management
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Managed File Transfer (MFT)
  • Development & Customization
  • Product Upgrade & Migration services
  • Managed Services

As an IBM Partner, we have extensive experience with industry-leading B2B integration software - IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator. We offer a full range of B2B Integrator consulting services as well as managed services for optimizing the benefits of the B2B integrator solution. Calsoft Labs is well experienced to manage business processes and we emphasize on developing partner community and promote collaboration by leveraging our decade plus experience and IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator capabilities.

Calsoft Labs’ Mapping Factory

The Calsoft Labs Mapping Factory uses its proprietary ‘RapidMap Framework’ based on our past 10 years of experience in EDI domain by building and migrating maps across standards and formats. The RapidMap Framework leverages solution components from various tools, reusable components, business processes to onboard new trading partners or to manage existing trading partners.

Business Benefits

By using our B2B Integration services,

  • Organizations will have better and accurate visibility across trading partners’ communities and supply chain.
  • Build a trading community that vastly improves end-to-end transaction times while reducing errors, exceptions, and operational costs.