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Opensource and JAVA

Calsoft Labs' Opensource Group (OSG) comprising JAVA and Open source technologies is responsible for executing multiple projects for our enterprise and ISV customers harnessing the principles of high performance & scalability, collaboration and distributed development.

We have a strong workforce of 250+ technical and functional professionals who have extensive experience in building customized solutions based on various JAVA technologies and frameworks like Struts, Hibernate, GWT, AJAX, JQuery and Open source technologies viz., Apache, MySQL/PostgreSQL, PHP (LAMP and WAMP), Symfony, CakePHP and Zend.

Service Offerings and Technology breadth

Our value added service offerings are:

  • Architectural Consulting and Re-engineering
  • Application Development Management & Services/Product Development
    • Custom web Applications and product development
    • Mobile applications
    • SaaS/Cloud enablement
    • Web services
    • AJAX and JQuery driven applications
  • Migration Services
    • Architecture migration : Integration of different service components using SOA
    • Technology migration : Strategy consulting and recommendations, Legacy Modernization
    • Product migration : Database/Application/OS migration and upgrades, Architecture/Reengineering services
    • Platform migration : .NET to JAVA
  • Enterprise portal and content management solutions using Liferay, Joomla, Alfresco and Wordpress
  • Moodle application development

Our technology breadth is depicted in the diagram below:

JAVA and Opensource Technologies

Why Calsoft Labs?

  • Agile based mature application and product development practices/frameworks to enhance quality and reduce cycle time
  • Reusable components, assets and frameworks that can be used across projects
  • 250+ professionals with in-depth expertise on leading JAVA and Opensource Technologies
  • Certified JAVA professionals and readily available framework for cloud enablement of applications/products