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Windows 8

For the past decade, Calsoft Labs has worked on developing and testing device drivers, firmware and software for all Microsoft Operating Systems - from Windows 1.0 and early versions of Windows CE to Windows Phone, Windows 95 to Windows 7 and now Windows 8/8.1. Our experience extends to different CE products such as smartphones, tablets, fixed mount computers, printers, scanners, copiers, keyboard, mouse, cameras, storage devices etc.

Our capability across the entire Windows 8 stack includes:

  • Kernel mode driver development, test and debug
  • Power optimization
  • User-mode driver development
    • Printer drivers, USB drivers, Storage drivers, Display drivers
  • WHCK certification
  • Windows 8 application development
  • UX engineering

Calsoft Labs' Windows 8 Offering

Windows core services

Calsoft Labs' Windows 8 Engineering Services

We provide lifecycle services to our customers for the design, development, testing, migration, and sustenance of Windows 8 products. We have a rich talent pool of engineers with expertise across firmware & device driver development, applications development, integration and testing on latest Windows 8 platform.

Windows 8 Engineering Services