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Calsoft Labs Announces 2nd Generation Enhanced Performance NFV Frameworks Leveraging Xilinx FPGA Capabilities

Calsoft Labs and Xilinx join forces to present Virtual Network Function performance gain solution at 2014 Carrier Network Virtualization Event

Santa Clara, CA, December 5, 2014- Calsoft Labs, a pioneer in NFV and SDN services, announced today that it is working with Xilinx to enhance the performance of its Cloud VPN Gateway and Virtual CPE frameworks by leveraging Xilinx's PCIe-based FPGA offload solutions. Offloading the CPU intensive tasks such as packet classification and crypto functions to the onboard Xilinx FPGA can save up to 60% CPU cycles thereby enabling a 2.5x increase in VNF throughput without requiring additional server hardware.

Telecom operators are adopting NFV to reduce CapEx and OpEx by leveraging COTS hardware while accelerating the ability to develop and deploy new, revenue generating services. The Xilinx solution, along with VNF frameworks from Calsoft Labs, promises up to 50% CapEx savings with commensurate reduction in OpEx for operators deploying NFV solutions.

Calsoft Labs offers high performance VNF frameworks such as VPN Gateway, Virtual CPE, Virtual WLAN Controller and Virtual B-RAS with Intel® DPDK optimized virtualization infrastructure to help network equipment manufacturers to reduce R&D cost and time-to-market in NFV product development.

"Xilinx's PCIe-based FPGA offload solution significantly enhances VNF performance and scalability," said Narendra Dhara, Senior VP of Engineering and CTO, Calsoft Labs. "We look forward to working closely with Xilinx to offer robust high performance VNF frameworks to our customers."

"Our industry-leading FPGA portfolio is providing the right platform and solution for the acceleration and offload of critical networking functions from server CPUs," said Gilles Garcia, Director of Wired communications at Xilinx. "Combining it with Calsoft Labs'Cloud VPN Gateway and Virtual CPE frameworks, enables savings of up to 60% CPU cycles and lowers the power consumption by up to 60%, thereby reducing operator CapEx and OpEx."

Calsoft Labs and Xilinx will be making a joint presentation at the upcoming Carrier Network Virtualization event at Palo Alto, CA from December 9-11, 2014. Representatives from both companies will be available at the Calsoft Labs stand in the exhibition area to provide more information about this solution.

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Calsoft Labs is a wholly owned subsidiary of the € 1.2 billion ALTEN Group. Calsoft Labs offers technology consulting, product engineering and systems integration services globally to equipment manufacturers (OEMs/ODMs), telecom operators and independent software vendors (ISVs). Calsoft Labs operates state-of-the-art product design and development centers at Bangalore, Chennai and Mysore in India, with sales & support offices worldwide including North America, Europe and Asia. For more information, please visit www.calsoftlabs.com.

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